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Just Your Average Joe

Joe Ciccone is an author and entrepreneur of several businesses. He has been very successful in competing and teaching Martial Arts. He is credited in creating his own style Yee chi kwan which is a realistic fighting system. He has been featured in many magazines including Who’s who in the Martial Arts elite being inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame He was involved in music and owned a Christian record label. He wrote several songs and was producing a Christmas album for Disney. Life happened and after his mother died he never finished the album but left music all together. He developed a personal relationship with God in his early twenties, but tribulations in his life helped him realize that he was not living a Godly life. After his faith was tested through trials, he was led to share God’s gift of faith through the written word. He is happily married with three grown children.

My name is Joe and I’m just an average guy. This is the story of my journey in faith. It is about my struggles, defeats, triumphs and the long road to having a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father. Maybe you are in need of a healing, or deliverance from an addiction, or need answers to the many challenges you face in life. Perhaps you’re missing a loved one who may have died, or you need to be loved. I pray as you read this book, whether you’re a Christian or just looking to be rescued from life, that you will be inspired by God’s Word as you experience this journey with me. Remember, it’s not the destination that changes your life, but the journey. It is my sincere hope that as you read this book you will be filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and He will impart precious answers to your prayers and desires. I hope that the Lord will test your spirit so that one day you will give your testimony. May God bless you.